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Why use a travel agent?2021-04-28T23:56:21-06:00

You might have asked yourself this question before, when hearing about travel agents. This guide to understanding travel agents is designed to shed light on why more and more travelers are relying on professional travel planners like me for their trips!


Anywhere But Here travel agency can provide you with a wide variety of travel options from a number of different travel suppliers to countless popular destinations. Plus, we have all the travel information you need – from the best attractions to see, the most exciting activities to do, and the most affordable way to get there…we’ve got it covered!


It’s understandable that you may feel limited by your vacation budget. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you receive the best possible value. Best of all, you’ll receive all of the professional guidance at no extra cost!

Personalized Service

As your personal Travel Agent, we will devote time and effort to making sure you’re happy with your travel options. If you need any assistance, we are just a phone call, text or e-mail away, so you’ll receive the immediate attention you not only need, but also deserve.

Customer Advocate

In the rare case that something on your trip doesn’t go as planned, we are here to resolve the problem, so you can relax and enjoy.

Time Savings

Let us do the work for you. We know where to go to get the information that you need and can find your travel options. Planning a vacation with Anywhere But Here will save you both time and money because with some effort and organization, from start to finish we can handle all your travel arrangements.

Unbiased Information

You can be assured that I’ll do our best to make your travel experience as wonderful as possible. When you book travel through Anywhere But Here travel, we work for you – not the travel supplier, so my main concern is always you and your unique needs.

Prior to booking online, you may want to contact us to utilize our professional advice and firsthand experience with many of the most popular destinations, resorts and cruise lines. We are dedicated to offering you the best prices and advice, while maintaining an emphasis on customer service, so don’t hesitate to contact Anywhere But Here travel so we can start planning your next travel adventure!

Why do you charge a Consultation Fee(s)?2021-07-29T14:20:30-06:00

At Anywhere But Here, we have chosen to institute a consultation fee that helps our travel advisors account for their time and effort. In many cases, the amount of time spent working through itineraries and gathering information places advisors in an unsustainable practice.

We consider our travel advisors as experts in their field, in that process our advisers take an extra level of time and care to provide you with the knowledge needed to make your trip amazing. To do this successfully, we feel that a consultation fee is required for most bookings.

It is our hope that taking this course of action will help to mitigate pressure in charging additional service fees that may be needed to make up for travel areas that provide no levels of commission while helping to ensure that our advisers can provide the most knowledgeable and beneficial services during the planning of travel and execution of your travel experience.

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