About Us

Discover your passion in travel and reach for your next destination.

At Anywhere But Here, we love traveling the world, experiencing life and gaining incredible friends. Let us use our passion for traveling to enable a stress free vacation. Allow us to walk you through each stage of the planning process as we locate the perfect vacation that meets your budget and desires. Our goal is to share our first hand knowledge as well as use our resources to curate a trip that will create everlasting memories.

In addition to traveling to many of the most popular destinations ourselves, we work closely with many of the top travel suppliers. Our relationships, training and industry certifications allow us to to keep you informed of the newest resort features and amenities. Not to mention, we have access to all the latest deals and special offers.

Are you ready to do some whale watching in Alaska? What about cruising the Mediterranean in style? Maybe you’re ready to be a kid again, and enjoy breakfast with some incredible characters at a theme park? Stop dreaming and let Anywhere But Here start planning!


Our specialists are at the heart of Anywhere But Here, LLC.

Brent Tomei

Owner & Travel Agent

As a travel agent, I strive to provide personalized travel planning for individual, couples, families, and groups. I love to travel and and enjoy sharing what I know with my friends. I look forward to working with you!

When most people think of travel, they think of the extensive time associated with searching and booking the correct trip. But, for me, travel it’s all about opening new experiences and finding new ways to experience life. It is my desire to take that passion and apply my knowledge to help cultivate experiences for others. This is where the dream of Anywhere But Here was born.

After living in Orlando, Florida, for the past eight years, I am currently located in Denver, Colorado. While in Florida, I worked as a contractor for almost all of the major cruise lines. This presented me with the rare opportunity to get to know the staff, behind-the-scenes practices and enjoy the unique experiences of each cruise line and cruise ship. I am thankful for that opportunity and hope that it allows me to lead my clients toward the correct experience.

If you’re ready to dive in and discover your passion for travel whether it’s cruising, finding freedom with like-minded individuals, enjoying the luxury of all-inclusive, letting your inner kid out exploring amazing theme park resorts, or creating that one of a kind experience, I look forward to working with you, your friends and family!

Anywhere But Here is ready to create something uniquely yours. It’s time to stop dreaming, and let us partner with you to start planning that dream vacation!

Travel agents are pro-active

In case of an emergency, or even just to anticipate their clients’ needs, they can spring into action on their clients’ behalf. For instance, when the weather is bad, they’ll keep an eye on their clients’ flights so they don’t get stuck in a bad situation.

Travel agents are advocates for their clients

They work for themselves, not a specific travel supplier. Agents only receive commission after a client has traveled, so they have every incentive to provide excellent customer service from start to finish.

Travel agents pay attention to the details

Experienced travel planners know the best times to visit certain destinations, which rooms at a resort are the most desirable, and which cruise cabins offer that extra square foot or two.

Travel agents provide travel inspiration

Many people know they want a vacation, but aren’t sure where to start. Agents are full of creative ideas and suggestions that will make each traveler happy.

Travel agents know the difference between a great deal and great value

Budget is important to almost everyone, and travel agents know how to get clients the most for their dollar – and when “deals” are too good to be true.

Travel agents save time and money

In fact, a study by the American Society for Travel Agents (ASTA) found that travelers using a travel agent reported saving an average of $452 and four hours of planning time per trip.

Travel agents are product and destination experts

They’ve experienced the resorts, cruise ships, and activities they are selling. If they haven’t personally, they know which resources to turn to for trusted, accurate advice.

Travel agents are real people

Unlike booking engines, travel agents can actually respond directly to individual questions and requests, no matter how small or unique. And unlike booking engines, agents can get to know their clients and build trust.

Travel agents are experienced travelers themselves

and are full of helpful travel tips and tricks to make clients’ trips easier. For instance, they can advise clients on what clothes to bring for a week-long cruise, or how to prepare for a lengthy flight.

Travel agents eliminate the stress and anxiety associated with planning travel

Rather than search through dozens of confusing websites, agents act as a one-stop-shop for travelers, no matter how complex their trip.

Travel agents are fueled by their passion for helping others

At the end of the day, travel is about making memories. For agents, helping to create those special moments is what drives them to go the extra mile for their clients. The same can definitely not be said for online booking engines!

Travel agents are connected

They know which travel supplier representatives, destination management companies, and on-the ground personnel to contact before, during and after their clients travel. In some cases, agents have access to things that the average traveler doesn’t, like charter flights and resort upgrades.